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South Gosforth Sports & Social Club is a members only Club.  Members may sign in 2 people in as their guests, and the member will be responsible for the conduct of those 2 guests, and make sure they abide by club rules.

Applications to become a member can be made at any time by completing the form below and handing it into the club.  The form will be processed, and once fees are paid then the Club card will be issued.  Please note once you have this membership card you are affiliated with all other CIU clubs and may enter over 100 clubs with the use of this card.

Subscriptions are paid annually during the month of January, pricing can be found on the application forms.

If you are attending a event or evening in the function room, you do not need to be a member of the club as this is a private function, but we do ask that everyone signs in the guest book for our fire regulation procedures. 

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